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Samsung New PC Studio 1 Download Torrent


Samsung New PC Studio is a tool that links are stored on the phone with your computer so you can synchronize, backup and transfer files from one device to another with lesnotija.Vashiot phone will store important information business: calendar, photos, messages, video , maps, news, documents. Samsung New PC Studio is the official instrument for Samsung phones that allows you to manage and store a copy of all your data and files on your PC Samsung kompjuter.Koristejkji new studio is very simple. Connect your phone to your computer and view the contents of your phone directly to your computer. You can move photos, music and videos easily from your phone to your computer or vice versa. Just drag and drop them in the final destinacija.Vie can also publish content on the Internet using online services such as Flickr, YouTube or Facebook. Media Manager Media Manager Samsung New PC Studio sorting music, videos or photos, and also includes a player / viewer to help you keep track of Samsung New PC Studio zadachata.Softverot also update the calendar on your device to synchronize phone contacts, appointments, and events stored in Outlook. Samsung New PC Studio looks smooth and a lot of material assistance in the creation of fun use.If Samsung mobile phone, you can not live without Samsung New PC Studio, installed on your computer.

Samsung New PC Studio 1

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